Monday, February 28, 2005

Helen Zarwell

Two men in our church have lost their wives in as many weeks. Today was Helen Zarwell's funeral. This lovely lady died at age 93 after over 60 years of marriage to her husband Herb (Hub) Zarwell. I cannot even come close to fathoming what it must feel like to be without one's mate after so many years together.

These faithful marriages are such an inspiring witness to those of us who are just starting out. (With our 20th anniversary coming up in August, it may not seem like we are just starting out, but compared to people like the Zarwells, oh yes we are.)

A prayer in time of need

I saw this lovely prayer posted on another board. I love that it asks for what we really need - not corporeal rescue from the present crisis, but faith and trust in God's plan for us.

Heavenly Father,
in my present need,
help me to believe
that You are aware of my anxiety
and will do what is best for me.
Give me the strength to trust You
and put the present and future in Your hands.
Grant this through Christ, our Lord.

Friday, February 25, 2005

An update...

She's here! Call it a birth announcement or whatever... is open at its new webstore location!

I'd like to thank the midwife, Sharlyn Design, for delivering this large baby safely.

Still have a lot of stocking to do, and once that's taken care of, I have to get going on, but I can only do so much and still sleep occasionally.

And another update.

Remember Wagglepop, that startup auction alternative to eBay?

Killed. Dead. Deceased. Muerte.

If you gave them your credit card information, be afraid. Be very afraid.

And lastly, a Doll Story.

Thuthie and Thandi and the Makeovah
by Miss B, who is off school today and has way too much time on her hands

Thursday, February 03, 2005

A deeper thought (not my own)

My friend Kathleen and I were discussing a conflict with someone here in our little town, and I told her how I planned to deal with it. She listened, then said, "Just remember, you are probably the only Bible that person will read this year."

It knocked me flat. I had never thought about "being a Bible" before. Yet people should be able to read the Bible, at least a little piece of it, when dealing with any believer.

Good advice, Kathleen.