Friday, December 30, 2011

New bulletin board

We got permission to hang a big bulletin board in the hallway of our department. We got the biggest we could possibly afford, 4 by 8 feet, the size of a sheet of drywall. It was installed this week. I decorated it with a border of printed out medical terms and a big banner that reads THIS IS WHY WE ARE CALLED MEDICAL LANGUAGE SPECIALISTS.

Then today one of the staff was complaining that she had a disease that hadn't been identified yet, so I thought, "Smith syndrome." (Her name isn't Smith, but it starts with an S.) And then I thought, Stahl solution. And we have a Murphy, but Murphy sign is already taken, so she got Murphy maneuver. Pretty soon we were all thinking up crazy medical terms for the board. It was fun and pretty silly. And now we all have a medical term, a disease, procedure, or instrument named after us. :)