Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scoring big at The Way Station

I love my new job. I LOVE my new job. There is one teeny little drawback, though, and that's not getting to go to The Way Station any day I want to. So I went this morning. They recently remodeled, enlarging the store with the former theater space, and it's airy and welcoming and not claustrophobic anymore. It's great.

I found a bunch of career blouses in my size. Somebody must have been cleaning out a closet. This was NICE STUFF! I'm so excited! Also someone with large feet must have gone through her shoe collection, because I got two lovely pair of leather loafers, one brown, one cordovan. The brown ones are size 12s but still fit me nicely. The others are 10 M and also fit me. I usually buy 11s. So this was a little out of the ordinary. Anyway, great shoes for work! For two bucks a pair!

I also scored some terrific old dress patterns. Look at these babies.

 Can't you see Betty  Draper wearing this little number?

I just love that #1 view blouse with the pleats on the collar.

I want a dress like this. I really do.

I never find patterns that will fit me without a ton of alteration, so I usually just scan the covers and then sell the patterns. I do keep a few.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

B&A: Vintage Milk Glass and Wood Table Lamps

A few weeks ago, I went to an estate sale and bought two matching table lamps for three bucks. Here's one of the two, before. (Click on any of the images to get a closer look.)

They were made of milk glass and wood pieces. Only one had a shade. They needed to be rewired, the wood parts had lost most of their finish, and the milk glass was really grubby.

First off, I took the lamps apart, gave the milk glass parts a bath, and rubbed the wood parts with paste wood refinishing stuff (I can't remember what it's really called, but it looks like brown shoe polish, and probably is).
Then I reassembled the lamps with new wiring.

I tried to find two shades that were of the same size and shape as the one remaining original that I had. (It was not in great shape.) No good. I could have had them custom made, for a fortune. They just are not selling drum shades that are of that size and dimension anymore. So I went to Wal-Mart. There I found two matching shades that were okay, though quite different. I took them home, fully intending to return them if I did not like the look.

Here's my "after" picture. I love these lamps. I really do. I didn't expect to LOVE them.I know that shade is not authentic to mid century design, like the original, but I just simply like it.

These lamps go great in our bedroom.

Of course they now cost a lot more than $1.50 apiece. The shades were $15 each, the wiring maybe another $3 each. Still, they were under $20 each. I think they were worth it.

I'd much rather fix up something old and make it useful again, than buy something new.

I'd love to know who made the glass. It could be anybody. The glass is not of particularly high quality mold, so I doubt it was a "name". Still, it would be cool to find out it's Westmoreland.