Friday, February 22, 2019

1950 "Golden Anniversary" Columbus Blenback Oil Cloth Sample Book

Okay, so it was a shorter one and didn't take long. Figured while I was at it...

Bigger pieces of fabric for each sample, but fewer fabrics represented. Also this was in worse shape. The samples are cracking and sticking together. Glad I got it scanned before it up and died.

Here's a pretty:

1940s Columbus Coated Fabrics "Blenback" Oilcloth Samples

I have three oilcloth sample books in my possession. I finally scanned the 1940 book to share because it is cool and because they don't last forever, and I'm amazed this one is still in as good shape as it is (oilcloth sticks to itself with time and temperature changes and eventually the pages all clump together in a block and the sample books are useless). The only thing is I cannot offer smell-o-vision because the smell of oilcloth is so distinctive, and all those of you out there whose grandmas had oilcloth tablecovers in their kitchens would be instantly transported back if you caught a whiff.

Here are some selected pages for your instant enjoyment: