Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Daddy's Home

Barry was gone for a few days, combining business and pleasure - the business being a meeting with a client (Hershey Products) and pleasure being introducing himself to his baby niece, Miss E. He is home now and safe, bearing lots of photos of a grinning baby girl and lots of chocolate.

We really missed him.

It's not that we can't get along without him. We do just fine, really. We're all busy people and we keep up with our schedules and accomplish things. We sleep OK, nobody quits eating and pines away. We're really fine.

But boy, are we glad when he comes home! The house feels different when he comes home. It's cozier, the lights are brighter, the walls friendlier, the floors warmer. The creaky, lumpy old bed he and I share is more comfortable when he's in it. He got home last night just as the kids were supposed to be getting to bed, so they had all welcomed him home last night, but this morning when they woke up and he was where he belonged, in our bed, they piled in, assorted pets, morning breath and all, for a snuggle before everybody had to get ready for work and school.

I know moms are supposed to be the heart of the home and all that, but dads are... Dads are... Oh, I don't know. Maybe the backbone of the home. We can slog along without him for awhile, but we sure are thankful when he comes back.

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rocko said...

As a travelling dad, thanks for the post. It is nice to know that dad's are missed.