Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hundred-Year-Old Man

My husband is in the midst of a sticky situation at work. He was taken off a shoot that he doesn't particularly enjoy but in which he takes considerable pride, and had to hire a photographer on contract to take his place. It was a real blow to his pride and confidence in himself as a photographer. To pour salt on fresh wounds, he was still asked to go on the shoot to be the producer, which means he has to observe all the photography and facilitate the whole operation while keeping hands off the camera. It's very hard for him, yet he knew he had to remain professional for the sake of both the client and his company.

Barry told me the other night that he has fixed on a plan for what to do when he wonders how he should react to something. He tries to imagine what a hundred-year-old man would do in his situation and react with the same maturity and perspective.

I think it's a great idea. I feel like getting him a wristband that reads "WW100D?" to help him remember his new strategy.

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