Tuesday, November 22, 2005

When in doubt, ask a butcher

I had thought about giving my electric frying pan to the thrift store because we hardly ever, ever used it, and now I'm glad I didn't. I bought a nice chuck roast from our local meat market, and not being very good with beef roasts, I asked our butcher how he would cook it if it were his.

He asked if I had an electric frying pan. I said, "To brown it?" He answered, "Yes, and to do the whole thing." He suggested seasoning it, browning it well on all sides in the frying pan, then roasting it right there.

It worked great. The roast was delicious, it looked great, AND all the drippings were right there in the pan so I could make gravy.

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Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

Aw, darn it - - now I'm hungry! :-)

Unfortunately, I gave my electric skillet away a few years ago, but have been thinking very strongly about getting another one. Your post was just the little "push" I needed to make my decision! Thanks!

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy