Saturday, April 22, 2006

New Albin Public Library Quilt Show

Today we had a quilt show with over 50 exhibitors and over 100 quilts. We have a lot of phenomenal quilters in this little town!

First, just some general shots of the main exhibit area.

This is such an adorable idea. These are "paper doll quilts." The clothing is all fabric and attaches to the quilt with snaps, so that you can change the dolls' clothes.

This one was interesting - a Trails quilt set so that it makes a maze.

A lovely crazy quilt dated 1927.

My favorite quilt in the whole show: "The Chicken Came First."

One of the two quilts I showed: A Double Irish Chain that I made this winter and spring.

The other, which I made a year ago, a Stack 'n' Whack.

Lisa Fruitful, whose "baby" this show was.

And the quilt she brought to show, an anniversary quilt made for her parents' 50th, with photos printed on some of the blocks and carefully embroidered with favorite sayings of her father's, like, "Fingers were invented before forks," and "I'm off like a dirty shirt on a Saturday night."

The featured artist of the show was Mrs. Belva Bunker. Mrs. Bunker only began quilting after her retirement from working in the town bank. She does lovely work. I couldn't find any mistakes in any of her quilts. And I looked, too.

All her quilts were set up in the Winnebago Room. The rest of the photos are all of her work.


Mrs. Mac said...

WOW! Your quilts you entered were beautiful. ...and I'm especially fond of the crazy quilt.

Shelina said...

Hi, I was looking up library quilt and came across your site. I am so glad I did; I really enjoyed the quilt show. I just come back from a city festival so my feet are hurting. It was fun to have someone else do all the footwork so I could just sit and watch. Thanks. I'll look around your site some more.
CoYou're welcome to visit my blog anytime.

G said...

HOLY MACKEREL! My eyes may never be the same. I've always had a thing for quilts but have never had a nice one. Wouldn't you know that's the one item we HAVEN'T found in our house! :)

I'm enjoying your blog, BTW. You write beautifully and in a voice that is both readable and that expresses itself quite vividly.