Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dumpy Is No More

It's a momentous day in the Stahl household. Dumpy, the faithful Dumpster who has swallowed old plaster and lath, moldy floor coverings, rotten studs, sodden insulation, and many other icky things without a murmur of complaint, left on a big truck today to go live with another family. We got tired of paying $25 a month to have Dumpy live on our lawn, plus another $85 or so every time he needed emptying, and while the demolition isn't entirely complete we think we can handle the rest of it with just regular trash pickup.

I'm sure the neighbors were all wondering when, if ever, we were going to send Dumpy back to wherever it was he came from. I'm happy to say that time has come.

I'm so excited because the spot he was occupying was a parking slot where maybe we can put one of the boats now so it won't be out in the middle of the lawn. (Some of us think a boat is a very ornamental piece of lawn art, while others of us do not agree.)

1 comment:

Mrs. Mac said...

OK ... glad "dumpy" has been given the heave-ho ... but just how many boats are in your yard as lawn art?