Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pet Funnies

Two from Beckham the Cat:

Master K. had to do a science project of an insect collection. He had collected 25 specimens and carefully mounted them on a board. Unfortunately he did not put the board out of reach of the cats, and they discovered it and ATE several of his specimens! He was livid, of course. After carefully replacing the specimens, he stashed his board high on top of a bookshelf.

The next morning we heard Beckham walking on the piano keyboard, back and forth. Master K. had a look and reported that Beckham was trying to figure out how to get to the top of the bookshelf from the piano. Master K. lifted him down and lectured him on the evils of eating someone's homework. He said that Beckham listened carefully, and then he made that little "mrowr? mrowr?" sound that he makes when he wants someone to do something for him and looked very pointedly up at the bookshelf. Master K said, "He ASKED me to get it down for him!"

Another Beckham story: This morning Master K. came into the kitchen and asked me if I knew that sound Beckham makes when he's trapped somewhere behind a closed door and needs someone to come let him out. I said I did. Master K. reported that Beckham was in the front window, making that sound at people he saw walking down the street. He was saying, "Help! I'm being held prisoner in this house! Lemme out!"

And finally Janie the Lovebird is very lonely, so I bring her downstairs where she can see more stuff going on in the house sometimes. (Otherwise she's alone in the girls' room all day.) She is a very sociable little thing, and every time she hears a strange voice she gets very excited and calls and shouts for the new person to come see her. That includes voices she hears on 1) the television, 2) my computer or 3) the doctors dictating when I can't stand my headphones and have to take a break and just listen to them through the speakers. She's so cute!

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