Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bunion No More

I think my surgery went okay. They had us there ridiculously early, but on the plus side, they actually gave me a hospital room, one with cable TV, so I switched between Animal Planet (a very interesting show about baby rhinos) and Sci-Fi (something incomprehensible where a guy sees things in black and white) for a couple of hours. Then they took me in for surgery and I remember the BP cuff going on and the pulse oximeter and then people laughing and saying I was all done. Total blackout between them. Then we had to wait another two hours back in my room. Barry was threatening to refuse to leave if 8:00 came and we were still there, so we could watch Battlestar Galactica, but they kicked us out about 7:15. So we were home by about 8:00. The kids were glad to see me, Master K had fixed up the guest room for me very nicely, and I took my Percocet and went away to la-la land. This morning I'm not hurting, but I am swollen, and that makes the CAMboot pretty uncomfortable.

The animals are so worried about me. The cats come sit on me and look imploringly into my face for reassurance. Last night Bo was acting totally normal until he smelled my bandage, then his ears and tail drooped and he walked over to Barry and put his head in Barry's lap and looked miserable. He didn't want anything to do with me the rest of the evening. (I went to bed early, but Master K said he was sad all evening and every time anyone said "Mom" he would kind of cringe.) Today he keeps coming to find me and puts his nose on me and looks sad and worried. They are so sweet.

I'm reading, computing and stitching on a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt here with my foot up on a stack of pillows.

Miss B went to Kayla's mother's wake after school yesterday. Most of the school faculty was there, as was a large chunk of the student body.

My parents told us of another young lady who lost her father this week. They had already lost her mother some time ago, and she and her father were farming in Northern Wisconsin. Now she has neither parent. She is only 14, yet she wants to keep farming somehow. I have no idea how she could manage it. Anyway, please pray for comfort and rescue for this young lady, too. Her name is Anita.

P.S. I must still have Percocet in my system. I have edited this post twice now and still am finding typos!


Nancy French said...

I have a friend who had that bunion removal surgery and then RAN THE NYC MARATHON the next week. It was a sight to behold. She literally finished after everything had been shut down and it was dark.

That's determination.

Or something.

Mrs. Mac said...

I think I need some percocet too (lol) ... will it make you sleepy?

Sounds as though you are on the road to better feet.