Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Trash Day is Here Again

It's Fall Clean-Up Day, and we have had rain off and on for some time now so everything put out at the curbs got preetty soaked, BUT I still found some goodies:

Some old Lapidary Journal magazines that got damp but may still be useful to somebody, or if not can be recycled; a darling 1950s doll carriage that cleaned up really nice; and this:

A glass oil lamp that I took because it was in good shape. I didn't really need another oil lamp, I just thought I'd clean it up and give it to The Way Station. But the more I looked at it, the more I felt that little "ya got something here" niggle in the back of my brain, and sure enough, it IS "something," a pressed glass oil lamp in a pattern usually called Dewdrop and Petal. They were made starting in the 1880s or so, but mine is a little later, at least 1910, because it has the kind of brass burner that screws on inside the glass rim, not over top. The glass is very heavy, with neat bubbles and a couple of straw marks. It's probably not worth a ton; they're expensive to ship, and that keeps eBay prices fairly low. But I could probably get between $40 and $100 for it with the right marketing. I am going to keep it for awhile, though; it's very pretty, and the heavy glass is hard to tip over.

I may have also found something else this week. Not ready to say anything more yet, but if anything comes of it, of course I'll post.


PakAmeristanican said...

How pretty! And yay! You're back!

Mrs. Mac said...

Great find! I once found a salesman's replica of an old wood cook stove in your Palmdale house (before you bought it ... previous owners left it a mess and strewn with garbage. Wanna see a picture??