Thursday, November 29, 2007

A pollster caught me by phone this morning

I just took a call from a national opinion pollster. The questions were interesting, at least to me. Here, as best I can reconstruct them, they are:

1. Are you a registered voter? (Yes.)
2. Do you consider yourself philosophically more Republican, Democrat or Independent? (Republican.)
3. Do you strongly oppose Bill #????, the Right to Work Law, which states that no worker shall be required to join a union or trade guild in order to gain employment? (Never heard of this before so cannot state an opinion.)
4. Do you strongly oppose all new taxes? (Of course not. Duh. Only I didn't actually say the "duh" part.)
5. Do you strongly oppose all gun control laws including restrictions on handgun use? (No! Again, duh.)
6. Do you believe that abortion should be illegal in all states and in all circumstances except to save the life of the woman? (No. I didn't add that I believe in a moral society this would be a nonissue, but I do not believe that you can legislate morality in most cases. People without morals won't care about the laws anyway.)

Just oddly stated questions, I thought. I always wonder what they are getting at in these things.

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