Friday, December 14, 2007

Jack-Jack breakthrough

Look at this brave boy!

I have wheeled Jack-Jack's cage into my office during the day when the children are at school, so he will have some company, leaving his cage door open. He was not interested in leaving his cage at all until suddenly today when he decided that it was time, marched deliberately out onto the the platform, looked around a moment and then took off flying! He fell behind the file cabinet and couldn't get out, hissing at me and breathing heavy. I gave him a stick to step onto and hauled him out of there, praised him for his bravery and for "stepping up" so nicely, and then tried offering him a finger to step-up to. He has been taught this before, I believe, though he did nip me before stepping. We stepped a couple of times, then he flew again - and ended up behind the SAME file cabinet, got hauled out again by his stick, and we did more stepping practice. I had him take a break on my shoulder, where he yanked on my hair a bit, and then we took this photo. What a good boy he is.

Of course a few minutes after I took the photo he got tired of practicing and bit my finger hard enough to make it bleed pretty good, but that's not a big surprise.

He is back in his cage resting. All that excitement tired him out.

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Mrs. Mac said...

That beak does look rather pointy, OUCH!