Tuesday, July 07, 2009

And on a lighter note:

A bird report.

Last night I heard my first whippoorwill. It was late at night, Barry and I were lying wide awake in bed thinking about teenaged drivers, deductibles, funerals averted, and such, when we heard this weird call. Barry said, "I haven't heard a whippoorwill since I lived in Pennsylvania." I said, "That's a whippoorwill?" He put on quite a concert for us, calling over and over. Or maybe he thought it was singing. Barry says he has never seen one, only heard them.

My dad called yesterday afternoon to say that they had a wild turkey show up in their yard in suburban Roseville, Minnesota!

And The Grackle Family are dealing with teenager issues. I can so relate. Teenaged Grackles are just as big as their parents, yet they still follow them around, whining in cracking teenager voices to be fed. The dad gets tired of it and pecks them on the head every once in a while, but the mother patiently stuffs food down these giant throats all the time. Poor thing. In our family, Barry is the food-stuffer and I am the one who wants to bite the children's heads off.

* Note: These are just bird pictures I pulled off the web. I didn't take them myself.


Beth said...

Oh I loved the mental picture of a male parent stuffing food down a teenager's throat! Summer vacation...as much as I looked forward to it...is VERY stressful! I am not ready for my son to leave the 'nest', but I AM ready to not be responsible for every morsel that passes his lips! I think he has mastered the microwave pizza, but think he will MAKE ONE? Not if he can help it! lolol

Mrs. Mac said...

sometimes certain male animals eat their young too!