Thursday, August 05, 2010

Scrappy baby quilt for Kristine and Willie's little one

This is a baby quilt for a little boy who may be born already, I'm not sure exactly when he is or was expected. We know his parents slightly and his grandparents quite a bit better. I made it mostly of scraps of flannels and from recycled men's shirts (all those woven cotton plaids, yum) and backed it with a piece of red flannel print from my stash. I quilted it in my own rather inept fashion with an all-over stipple pattern. It should be cuddly and sturdy.

The backing.

The border, featuring my patented 4-sided (and sometimes 5-sided) triangles.
The pattern was one of those freebies the quilting magazines like to send in the mail to try to convince you to subscribe. In this case, it was Love of Quilting magazine, and the original design came from an antique crib quilt in the collection of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. They just called it a "strippy crib quilt." It's kind of busy, but I like it, and I can imagine it getting dragged around the house by a toddler, or used to make a blanket fort, or having Legos scattered all over it.


Catherine said...

That is what I call a snuggly quilt. The colors are great, they ooze warmth. Nice work.


Amy J said...

Hi Maria! I saw you visited my blog... how nice :) If you don't mind me asking, how did you find it? So you own Sweet Gal Decals? How cool...I just love it! Anyway...nice to meet you! :)

Maria Stahl said...

Amy, I have a Google blog search running for vintage decals, so when people blog about vintage decals, I get an e-mail. :o) That's how I found your pretty blog. Thanks for stopping by mine!

Mrs. Mac said...

I love the baby quilt .. and those little penguins peeking out will fascinate a toddler for sure. One of these days ... maybe a quilt will come out of my imagination and actually become a reality ... there's hope :)