Saturday, October 09, 2010

Saturday's Apron: Playing Catch Up

You want to know my favorite kind of blog contest? - The kind where I win, of course! I have been on a real winning streak lately. I haven't told you about all of them, and it's time to catch up. Plus since most of the prizes were aprons, I'll combine this with a Saturday's Apron post.

First of all, I won this cutie pie from Christine of Pies & Aprons. A cute, diamond-shaped half apron with a tulip print and lots of pretty yellow rickrack trim.

Next, I won Michael's blogversary contest, the one I linked for you here. See, it all comes out in the wash.

As did these pretty aprons that he sent. A wash, starch and session on the clothesline, then a touch-up with an iron, and they are all ready for another few years helping out in the kitchen. First is this cobbler's smock style apron. I'm not normally a big fan of them, and this one looks silly on the dress form, but it looks unusually cute on ME.

Next is this full apron with a cute heart-shaped pocket decorated with rickrack. Love, love, love.

But wait, there's more! Here's my favorite of the aprons from Michael:

It was made of a blue and white border print. It fits so cute, and I feel gorgeous in it. I need to make more just like it. Where are my border prints, anyway? :)

Michael also sent more goodies:

Fabric trims, rickrack and gift wrap ribbons:

And a cute little souvenir plate for Missouri, about 4 inches across:

That's all the prizes. I also bought this little half apron with big comfy useful pockets at a garage sale. It's not pretty, it's just a hard workin' little apron.

The print fabric is all pockets. See what I mean?

And finally, I have to show off a really beautiful apron that I bought from Cate's Vintage Linens in Arizona. She has closed her blogs and so I can't link for you. I miss her! Anyway, this appears to be an unused cotton apron. I love it so much. I plan to make more just like it. I think there would be quite a demand for them.

I don't have any really handy ways to store and show off full aprons. Any thoughts, anyone?


Mrs. Mac said...

Are patterns such as the full and border print apron readily available at the fabric store? I've been searching high and low.

Maria Stahl said...

Check at a specialty sewing store - like a quilt shop. Ours had a whole rack of vintage-y apron patterns and there were several similar to this. Sadly, it went out of business. :(

Felisol said...

Congratulations with two great wins. I tried to get over to Michael's place, but couldn't find the link.
He had such great gifts!!
Well deserved victory to the mother of our traveling apron.

Catherine said...

Hi Maria!

Thanks for sharing your aprons. Your little brown half apron is my favorite, very sweet. One of those "homey", utilitarian types the ladies in my family wore. I still have about 10 slightly stained and spotted aprons I love to wear.

I decided to keep one blog open, the linens one so I could more easily read my favorite blogs and comment. I won`t be doing much with it as far as selling.

Have a nice weekend,


Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Maria ... I've just discovered the pattern for the apron I've had in mind. And it went on sale since I checked on it a few days ago:

Here is the apron: V= (version E)

and I also saw a great old fashioned nightgown here: (version A) on sale as well! So excited.

Maria Stahl said...

Mrs. Mac! I love that apron pattern, and the price is great too. (I ordered one as well.)