Saturday, March 03, 2012

Kohls Cares for Kids score

Welcome back to the most neglected spot in the Blogosphere. I end up posting most of my news in infobytes on Facebook because my attention span is so short these days, getting pulled in dozens of directions at once. Anyway I thought of something cool to share:

I have this daughter who is growing like the prettiest weed you ever did see. That kid has shot up nearly 2 inches in height in 6 months. She is outgrowing clothes so fast... So I had to do a midyear clothes shopping trip to get her through the rest of the school year.

We went to Kohls. Here's what we did: We hit the clearance and sales racks hard. By the time we went through the checkout lane the total in the cart was about $437. (Eek!) I got 15% off because we used our Kohls charge, bringing it down to about $380. We also got $70 in Kohls Cash (a promotion they run pretty frequently where you get $10 in Kohls Cash for every $50 you spend).

The next week Barry took the Kohls Cash in and bought himself some things he needed for school, two pair of jeans and two shirts. He came out almost exactly even on the $70.

Now the Kohls bill has arrived, and I am going to buy Kohls Cares for Kids gift certificates from Blessed Sacrament Parish in La Crosse to pay off the bill. One of my staff has a daughter at the private school run by Blessed Sacrament and my purchases count against her tuition. So I buy $380 in Kohls scrip, and Kohls pays 4% of that in benefits. So that's $19 that goes to Blessed Sacrament.

So even though it was a whopping huge amount to shell out at once, thanks to the great sales at Kohls and the generous giving programs of that company, it went a long way.

Pretty cool. :)


Mrs. Mac said...

Great to see you poke your head up for air :) So how tall is the growing as a weed daughter? You got some good paybacks from shopping at Kohls .. especially the scrip deal for your friend's tuition bill. Say hi to the mayor from the Mac family :)

Felisol said...

Wow. My head is spinning like a carousel,so many ways to stretch a dollar!
I saw an American TV program about living on saving coupons.
We don't have anything of that kind in Norway, so I wouldn't really know what it's all about, except using your head while shopping, and that I try to do. WE shop at a place where we get 2% discount a year of everything we buy from groceries, clothes, painting,furniture, and house building materials. Besides we get the same discount on cellphone bills and gas.
Of course we try to be consequent shopping there.
I'm raised to be thrifty, but somehow our daughter has developed a taste for luxury.I guess it's because she's an only child, grandchild and my brother's only niece. Even so, she never asks for thing or money, but she knows how to spend..
Luckily she also knows how to give and share, and she likes buying secondhand clothes, so I guess, it's not so bad.
That's about it.

Catherine said...

Now we know where you wandered off to! I like shopping at Kohl`s. We get a senior discount and I think on Tuesdays there`s a 10 percent discount too. Nice to read one of your posts again.

Jada's Gigi said...

Love Kohls...sounds like you done good and had fun too..;)