Sunday, June 09, 2013

DIY Vinyasa Scarf from

Britta asked me to try making her this DIY version of the Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf  from Hammers & High Heels, which I did. I actually made two of them from the same piece of soft, flowy grey jersey knit, one for her and one for me, but I am afraid they are fragile, so I will give them both to her so she doesn't feel as bad if hers rips. See, after the fact I learned that the original uses snap tape, not snaps placed directly on the fabric, and just in playing with this one I am seeing that the snaps are going to pull right through that soft fabric. Next time I will track down matching snap tape.

Disappointing, because it turned out pretty!


Mother Owl said...

Very cute!

Unknown said...

Did you use those extra snaps toward the middle like the high heels and hammers blog? I made most of one today. I am struggling with which part of the snap to use. My husband the engineer says it should not matter if there is not a top and a right side that will always be showing on the outside.

Maria Stahl said...

Amy, yes I did - only I had the same question as you did, so I actually did two snaps in each of the areas (not right side by side, but nearby) she had them in the middle of her scarf. That way I could snap it no matter which way it was wrapped. If that makes any sense.