Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Rachel's Cows

I'm so proud of my eldest! She's a month short of 14 years old. Yesterday, her last day of winter break, she finished piecing her first "real" quilt top. She has done a doll quilt before but this one is about double-bed sized. She's calling it "Rachel's Cows," after a young friend of ours who has a certified organic dairy.

This is really a gorgeous quilt. The pattern is Scotch Plaid, and she fussy-cut center blocks of cows standing in grassy fields with sunflowers and white chickens. The other colors are brown, green, white and deep red. The border is gold and red.

We've been going back and forth on whether to hand quilt it ourselves or send it out to be machine quilted, and last night she decided that she'd really like us to hand quilt it. My husband says it should be a great bonding experience for us as it will take us YEARS!

I'll post a picture soon.

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