Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas storm

The Stahl Family stayed right here in New Albin for the holiday, venturing as far as 5 blocks from home (to go to church) but mostly hunkering down slurping up gallons of eggnog and mulled cider. BUT two families in the extended clan managed to get themselves stuck in the middle of the huge storm that has engulfed most of the central and eastern states.

Aaron and Vania were in Dayton, Ohio, when the Interstate was shut down and, unable to find anywhere to stop for the night, continued on along detours all night and most of Christmas Eve, arriving finally, exhausted but safe, in Minnesota yesterday evening.

We haven't heard if Dan and Susan made it from Texas up to Pennsylvania safely and are hoping no news is good news. They were a little ahead of the worst of it, we believe, so hopefully they did.

"Global warming," my foot!

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