Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Relating to God

Last night while scraping old linoleum tile off the basement floor, I was praying for a friend who is in a tough situation and it struck me that I call on God in His capacity of Healer more than any other. I tend to pray about relationships and situations a lot, and when I do, I'm always asking Him to heal them. Heal. I relate to God as the Healer.

I asked Barry if he does the same, and after a few moments of thought, he said no, he doesn't. He says he relates more to God as Creator and Sustainer. When he asks God for help with something difficult, he is asking Him to restore the creation as He intended it, with all working smoothly, and then to continue to sustain it that way.

So with which of God's many names, which define some of His qualities, do you relate the most frequently?


Mrs. Mac said...

I sometimes pray for healing, but I know that that is not always God's will. Most times I pray that God be glorified through someone's trials and the said person will gain strength through the ordeal (this gained strength often results in other people wittnessing God's love/presence/glory for his creation). But, I have witnessed healing firsthand.
C. McClintick

thecooleys3 said...

I start most of my prayers
Great God in heaven, loving creater God, King of the universe..

But Provider is the way I think of him the most. Financial, protection, forgivness, even the breath that I have he provides.

Ro said...

Most of my families prayers are of thanksgiving.

When praying for others it is "for his will and their comfort".

And since 911 "protection from the enemy in our daily travels".