Monday, June 19, 2006

Demolition in Progress

The Evangelical Free brethren began tearing down Loretta's house this weekend. They are doing a very careful job, not just knocking it down with a backhoe or something. They're taking it down board by board. First came the asbestos shingles, then all the windows. It's now wide open to the weather. From what I understand, they don't actually own the property yet, as there is some law that says you can only tear down one house per year, so they are tearing down this house while the property still belongs to the Yeomans, and tearing down the other house as their own property.

Since Darlene and Gene Yeoman had already given us permission to be on the property and to take anything that we could use before the house came down, we went over there yesterday afternoon and saw the basement of the house for the first time. It's a wonderful basement, very deep, nice high ceiling - and poured concrete! The beams look good, too. We feel kind of sick about it. Had we known the foundation was so solid, we might have been willing to pay more for the property. Too late now. Now it'll just be filled in and eventually will be a parking lot.

Oh well.

Loretta is not very pleased with us. She wanted us to buy the house and we disappointed her when we did not try harder to do so. But this really is going to be ideal for everybody involved (everybody but us, that is) - Darlene and Gene get more money than they would from us, Loretta has her nice safe apartment, and the church will have a permanent home. And we'll end up with some pretty nice neighbors, so we're not doing too badly either. It's just... well, I hate to see old houses torn down, and I had such hopes that we could buy the property dating back to before we ever bought our place. Plus the church is taking down trees. They had mercy on a couple of them when I looked stricken at the thought, but now they are murmuring that the rest will have to come down, too.

What's a churchyard without shade trees?


Oh well. Again.


a9l3b said...

This blog hurts a little. This is my church you're talking about. Some of my closest family, and my second home. Loretta's home was dangerous, with the mold and all. And something had to be done. You should be thankful that a church bought it. That the land will be used in a way that will serve and praise God. I'm sorry about your trees, and I remember them talking about the trees a while back. They didn't want to cut them down, and if we can, we will keep the ones that are there up. Just please try to have a happy outlook on our project. You'll have many new neighbours, and all this is for God's glory!


Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Sweetie, read it again. Better yet, look at the DATE on it. It was an old post, composed the day the trees came down, if I recall. Yes, I was sad about the trees; more importantly, I was very sad about Loretta. And I still am. I miss her very much.

I'm happy for your church, that you will have a permanent home. And what's funny to me about the trees, now, nearly 2 years later, is to see that when Loretta's house was gone and (more importantly) her sewer water wasn't flowing anymore, the trees that are left nearest her house are dying. Evidently the roots had tapped into the sewer system and that's the only way they were surviving.

At least that big beautiful whatever-it-is at the back of the property seems to be doing okay. You know the one. The one underneath which your church had its dedication service. The service that my family attended. The service at which I gave a prayer of thanksgiving that your church had found its place to build.

Somehow you read my post and came up with a completely negative impression. That just isn't the case.

a9l3b said...

Maria, I'm sorry. I guess am just a little defensive when it comes to town chatter about our church. There's been many issues, as you know, with our land, our pastor, and so many other things. I really should have paid more attention to what I was saying. Again, I'm sorry, and I hope you'll forgive me.

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

It's fine, and I'm glad you are someone who feels strongly and defends her friends and family. :o) As for town talk, most of that stuff goes straight over my head, which is exactly the way I like it.

a9l3b said...

qwhjpjThanks. Hey,there is a womens bible study today at two at out church that you are welcome to attend if you would like. I think they are working on a study by Ruth Moore, but, I'm not sure. I just watch the kids. It's 2p.m.-4 p.m.