Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day a day early by going canoeing on the Upper Iowa River, a stretch that we hadn't gone down before. We went with The Other Barry and Lisa and 3 of their kids. It was really a gorgeous day out there on the river, and we only saw one other party until we came to our landing. About 10 minutes after landing the canoes, we got a quick drencher of a thunderstorm; we helped some other parties who were dashing for cover to get their boats up out of the river before they got struck by lightning. Then the sun came back out and that was that.

Barry took a nap after we got home, then got up and watched his Saturday night sci-fi shows. He said it was a perfect day.

As for Father's Day presents, he said he wanted Romex wire to wire his study. Not an exciting gift, but after I priced it, I realized it was a substantial one. Eek! That stuff has trebled in price in about a year! Evidently commodities prices are up so high that it's hitting everything, and after all, Romex is about half copper and the other half insulation. Anyway, he got his wish. He's making a study in the basement that will be his own place where nobody can go without an invitation, nobody can steal his stapler and forget to return it, nobody can start a project and not finish it, nobody can leave dirty snack dishes (nobody but him, that is). He's never had a space like that before.

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