Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Cards for Procrastinators

I just have to tell you about mpix.com. They are a custom photo print shop. You upload your digital photos, place your order and they FedEx your prints to you. They also do photo Christmas cards.

So the Stahls still had no Christmas cards for the year. I had pretty much given up on sending them out this year, but my husband hadn't. Saturday evening (that's right, this past Saturday evening, just 3 days ago), he set up the lights and took a family photo of us in front of our house. Then he uploaded the image to mpix, placed an order for photo cards, and zapped it off.

The cards arrived today.

With envelopes.

And at a unit cost of about 60 cents, including next day shipping.

These people are incredible. I highly recommend them.

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Mrs. Mac said...

I'm hoping to send out a New Year's card. Still have post wedding announcements with a picture to get out. Puts a strain on getting out Christmas cards ... and my pocketbook :)