Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How are people finding YOUR blog?

If you blog and you don't have Sitemeter, you need to sign up.

More than just a counter, it tells you who is visiting your blog and when, how they happened to find you and where they went when they left. If they found you on a Google search, you get to see what they were searching on. You can also click on a world map showing where your visitors hail from. It's fascinating and rather addictive. You think nobody's reading your blog? Guess again.

I am intrigued to find that people find my blog more by looking at pictures of my cats than any other method! Popular Google searches that also direct traffic to me have been my vintage apron collection, Heywood Banks, my past employer (Medquist)and my current one (Webmedx), my parents' messianic church and (how embarrassing) my bunion surgery.

Sitemeter is free.


Read here for more Sitemeter goodness.

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Mrs. Mac said...

I had a google search for "whatever happened to black mamas" find my site, so I wrote a post about it (he,he).