Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Three hours later...

I headed over to the church to do the end-of-year reports that I had been putting off (they are to be presented to the council tomorrow evening). I prayed before I got started - prayed for accuracy and efficiency. Three hours later, I am home. The reports are done. I have not yet done the 1099s for the staff but that can wait a bit.

This was a wonderful year. I ended up writing a letter to the congregation to go into the annual report they will all get telling them how blessed the church is and how much blessing others we were able to do because of it. (I hope this doesn't count as bragging:) The brothers and sisters there gave nearly $50,000 this year - absolutely a record - for a total annual income of around $64,000. And they gave away about $10,000 of it.

I'm getting teary all over again just thinking about it.

What a blessing this "job" is!

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