Thursday, January 24, 2008

Only 17 below, not bad

I'm being sarcastic. It's horrible. A few minutes before 10:00 a.m., we are now up to negative 13 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the positive side, both of the cars started this morning (Barry keeps the Jeep plugged in to an engine block heater in the winter, and the Concorde fits in the garage). And when I checked on my chickens, though I feared I would find 4 little bundles of frozen chicken meat, instead I found 4 feathery bundles of heat, nestled down in the straw. They were hungry, and their water had frozen even with the electric heater I keep underneath it, so I gave them fresh warm water and a lot more food and some more straw. And then I closed them up cozy again and left them on their own.

I thank God for our furnace every time I think of it! I complain about it and am always thinking about replacing it, but hey, it's working. Our house is warm and safe. Thank God.


AnIowaMom said...

I couldn't believe they didn't delay school this morning. Where I am it was -23 with a windchill of -34. School was on ... until the buses wouldn't run. Then it was canceled.

Northeast Iowa Mom said...


Well, we had late start by 2 hours, though I can't imagine that that 4 degrees made a huge difference.

I personally hate late start days. They mess me up all day. :o)

PakAmeristanican said...

Yikes! And here we're moaning about 2 degrees below freezing. Of course, people don't heat homes here. Only one or two rooms. And the houses are brick. So the temperature outside and the temperature inside are pretty much the same. Good luck staying warm!

Mrs. Mac said...

Gotta love your heater! Keep warm ... I was able to send my kids to school today ... but I'm afraid (or thankful) that Nathan's field trip to the bowling alley is probably going to be canceled. (btw ... he bowled a 118 game last week ;)

RR said...

ever going to post again, sis?