Friday, February 15, 2008

All-State Speech - and Champeenship Barberin'

We're off this weekend to Ames, Iowa, to the university campus to the All-State Speech Festival. Miss B. is performing a mime titled "Worms Meet the River" with her friend DB. They swept through both Districts and State (which I insist should be called Regionals, not State, because that's what it is, but nobody listens to me), and were invited as one of only 22 mime troupes to perform at All-State. Also going is our school's Radio News team, and they are one of only 15 teams in the state to be invited! For a tiny school, we are really strong in speech and drama, thanks mostly to Tammy Manning and Jackie Garin, the coaches.

The All-State Festival is a great source of entertainment if you are needing something to do on a frozen Saturday in February. There are events in several buildings on campus. If you don't have a team you want to follow around, you can just park yourself somewhere for a couple hours of one-act plays, then hop over to a classroom and watch some improvisation, then catch a mime or two, then watch some musical theater, then some choral reading, then Reader's Theater, then a small acting ensemble, then back to the improv. The kids who do improvisation completely amaze me. I don't understand how anyone can do that. I stand in awe. Anyway, it's an awful lot of fun for the cost of an $8 armband, and tomorrow is going to be a fun-packed day for us (and a stress-packed day for Miss B, who doesn't get to perform till midafternoon, so she can spend the whole day in a fuss).

Also on campus at the same time is the grand championship to determine the Best Barber in Iowa. New Albin's own Walt Breeser is one of the 10 finalists and will be clipping and chatting sometime between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. We hope to figure out where it happens and be there to cheer him on!

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