Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I bet MY lunch is better than YOUR lunch.

For lunch, I am enjoying leftover pecan-crusted swordfish steaks with mustard cream sauce on a bed of curry rice with pine nuts. The fish recipe was stolen from Vicki's Turkey Feathers blog - she used red snapper and chopped walnuts, neither of which I had, but the pecans were wonderful with the swordfish. And the curry rice was left over from another meal.


PakAmeristanican said...

So what do I win? :D
For lunch I had Dum Aloo - potatoes filled with cottage cheese, cashewnuts, and onions, in a creamy, tomato based curry sauce, PLUS, three other dishes that i'm having trouble describing in English. We had a special guest over for lunch. What can I say? :D

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Oh goodness... That sounds VERY special. Is there anything you cannot do, A? :o)

PakAmeristanican said...

Oh I didn't cook all of it. Cookbooks are a happy thing. As are helpful sisters-in-law. :) As for my abilities, these days I'm not so sure about them... sigh