Saturday, March 01, 2008

A stupid rant by a woman who has actually had babies.

Why, oh why, on TV, when a woman is having a baby, does she throw her head back to push? Hasn't anybody who directs these things ever actually been in the delivery room and seen how it works? You have to tuck your chin in to get any leverage.


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RR said...

My dearest and I were watching (i.e. she enjoying, me enduring) No Reservations last night. Try to picture Catherine Zeta Jones as a control freak diva head chef whose staff endure perfectionist tyrades when the foie gras isn't perfect, and who storms out into the restaurant to give pompous customers pieces of her mind. Yeah, me neither. Tony Shalhoub can do the Divine Chef surrounded by Philistines; CZJ can't.

Anyway, we're supposed to believe that her perfectly coiffed and skirted sidekick with sculpted ankles and a balloon under her chef shirt is 8.5 months pregnant.

She's sitting on a barstool (again in a skirt) when she does a little "ooh, ooh" thing, pats her tummy, and interrupts a conversation to announce that she "thinks" her water broke. Dear, if it broke, you'd know. Or you would if anyone involved in the production of this movie had ever had a baby.