Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Company Meeting

The big bosses had a phone meeting for everybody (all but the few left holding the fort) this afternoon. Now I am conditioned to panic when I hear "company meeting," after the last year or so of Barry's job, where "company meeting" meant "lots of layoffs." Not so with Webmedx.  In fact, there's a new recruitment drive on to help out with the $3.7 million worth of new business coming on board in the next 3 months! They are committed to the belief that a highly skilled medical transcriptionist/editor listening to each and every report produces a vastly superior report, and thus helps with risk management, reimbursements and of course patient care. So while we use speech recognition ("ISR," or intelligent speech recognition, is Webmedx's coined term for it), still, a real live MT listens to every word and edits the final product. And they don't send work offshore.

I have been with Webmedx for nearly 2-1/2 years now and am quite happy with the company. If you are an MT looking for a place to stay for the next several years of your career, please take a look around Webmedx.


Connie said...

It was a good meeting today, wasn't it?

Question though, how is it that we left the Borg at approximately the same time, but I've been with Webmedx for almost 3-1/2 years (10/31/2005) and you say 2-1/2. Someone's math is off, I think.

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

You're right, of course. Thanks! It was November of 2005 for me.

Mrs. Mac said...

Take a deep sigh of relief that it was a good company meeting :)

wv: doopact (I love this one)

Deb said...

Hi, I just found your blog through mtdaily and I am enjoying it. I am an MT at MQ and am starting to look elsewhere. Webmedx sounds great. Do you know if they are still hiring? Thanks for any info.

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

They sure are, Deb. E-mail me if you like - maria.stahl at gmail dot com.