Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No tea parties here, thank you very much

The name of the game in US political histronics is "tea party." Virtual and real, people have scheduled tea parties for today, April 15th, the day when US income taxes are due for the previous year. I won't be participating. I don't love paying taxes, but I recognize the need to pay for all the stuff I expect out of my federal and state governments, and I also recognize that our president is doing his best to help with at least short-term fixes for the Big Greedy Mess in which we find ourselves.

Besides, the reason I was counting upon to provide my annual supply of cause for griping failed me this year. We always owe money to the feds and to the state of Iowa, and we are always owed a refund from the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin likes to hold onto the money till the eagle screams. Like, till June. That's when we usually get our Wisconsin refund. 

Not this year. Today I mailed off our checks to the US Treasury and to the State of Iowa - and when I picked up our mail, our Wisconsin refund check was in it. Now I think that is totally reasonable. A refund that arrives on the same day that our payments are due. This is so fair it really disappoints me because I will have to find something else to whine about now.


Connie said...

How is it that you live in Iowa but have to file a Wisconsin return?

At the same time, I'm glad you got your refund in a more timely than normal manner. That's always refreshing.

WVR: Somedu. Somedu; somedon't.

Ivy and Haley said...

I'm glad you got your refund early, but I understand the loss about something to whine about. For instance, I seem to be in a lull in my schoolwork. I had all my tests last week so this week there is nothing. But all my friends are furiously writing essays. So I'm whining about having nothing to do and they are giving me evil glares.

I like your writing. It's snappy.

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