Friday, November 20, 2009

Chuck Returns!

Catch the Laserdance bit at the very end. I need more Chuck.


Suze said...

I love the year in octagon above your stove, what size is that? I have been looking for black octagon only seem to have white. What is available is 1" white. What manufacture made your tile so I could contact them.
Beautiful stove!!!!!

Suze said...

I love your year above the kitchen stove!!! I am trying to do the same thing here in my kitchen. It looks like you are using octagon shape with maybe 3/4" for the black and white? I can only find white here at 1".
Can you tell what size you used? Where did you get the black from. Special order I bet, but what manufacture
did you use

Maria Stahl said...

I hope you come back and check this, Suze, as I don't see contact information for you, but that is 1" hex tile, yes - American Olean SatinGlo Hex, it's called. We bought sheets of white with black, and pulled some black tile extras out to create that date.