Monday, November 09, 2009

Netflix - Now in Cedar Rapids

We were served out of a Netflix distribution center in the Twin Cities for some time, and I loved it because we would get our movies in 1 day after shipment (though it took 2 days for a returned disk to get back there). Then they opened a Des Moines center and everything slowed down to 2 days each way. Go figure. Then things improved, and lately it's usually a day each direction.

I just noticed that my envelopes now have a Cedar Rapids address. It will be interesting to see if the speed continues to hold with this new center. I read an article on the way a Netflix distribution center operates and it's an amazing example of an efficient combination of human and machine (a cyborg, if you will) labor. The slowdown has always come from the postal service.

CORRECTION: HackingNetflix says that center has been around since !!2005!!. So it's not new, it's just new to us. Interesting.


Catherine said...

I like the speed of Netflix. My movies used to get back to Las Vegas in a day and here in a day. Vegas is about 70 miles away.

Deb said...

Netflix is fast - love it! Except when I send them back on a Monday --I learned from my postal carrier that mail we send on Monday goes to a different sorting center - further away - before it's trucked back here. (?)