Sunday, January 03, 2010


Long time, no update.

Barry is home safely and his dad is doing pretty well. Not great, but reasonably well, and improving all the time, hallelujah. Barry himself had some chest pain last week one night and very high blood pressure and ended up in the ER there near where his parents live, but wouldn't stay, and so tomorrow morning we're going in for a checkup. It scared me and good. Life is tenuous even when we think we are invincible.

Right at this very moment we are hunkering down in our house with our pets and our children, candles lit, the geothermal system pumping as hard as it can, as it got to 14 below 0 (that's Fahrenheit, by the way) last night and may get nearly that cold tonight too. I just took a couple of loaves of bread out of the oven and they smell wonderful. Barry and Lil Miss A are making pizzas for supper. The two kids go back to school tomorrow, though Barry has a couple more weeks of break to go. Life is momentarily peaceful.

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togetherforgood said...

This cold is just awful. Hunkering down is about the best thing any of us can do. :)