Friday, April 08, 2011

Easy Bake

I told this story on Facebook, and was informed that it is adorable, so I got to thinking I should write it down so I do not forget.

Yesterday was my 49th birthday. I don't expect a fuss over my birthday. Maybe when I get into the 80s, I'll start wanting more fuss. But it's sweet that my family still makes a minor-league fuss some years.

This time my Little Miss A (who, incidentally, is now 10 years old, and is shooting up in height, and is going to need a new nickname here pretty soon) wanted to bake me a cake. She agonized for several days over what type of cake to make, and finally settled on a carrot cake. I love carrot cake so I approved. The only catch is, she really wanted to bake it with her Easy Bake Oven. And the Easy Bake Oven requires an old-fashioned 100-watt bulb to bake, and hers had burned out. It had been in the back of my mind to hunt a few of those down against the coming incandescent lightbulb famine, but I had not gotten to it yet, so she ended up using a soft white bulb, and it really did not get the oven very hot. So the cake did not turn out the way she envisioned it.

Still, I blew out my candle and I made my wish and I ate my carrot cake. I have a very, very sweet daughter. I'm so thankful for her, thankful that when Barry and I thought our family was complete with two children that God knew better and blessed us with one more. She is so precious to me. I cannot imagine life without her.

Update: One of my sisters in law sent me this just now. :) So adorable.


Catherine said...

That is a wonderful story. Your daughter is a gem! Happy Birthday!

Felisol said...

Happy birthday to you, dear Maria.
I hope you got a song as well as a carrot cake. What a sweet daughter you have, making you a cake.
I have been hoarding old fashioned light bulb for a year now. I don't know what to do, when the old ones run out. I hate the blue light of the new bulbs.
Love your old boxes heading. One even has a semi-Norwegian text. Sno-kreem means snø krem means snow cream.
Funny name for a product. Wonder how it tasted.
From Felisol

Becky said...

Well, Happy Birthday! And kid's cakes are fabulous!

Diane said...

Well, a belated Happy Birthday! What a precious story; thank you for sharing it with us. Have a great weekend!

Many hugs.............


Mrs. Mac said...

I have a few 100 watt bulbs as that's what I use in my dining room light (one bulb). We started stocking up on them a few years ago after a CFL broke when a lamp toppled over and one needs a hazmat uniform to clean up the mess.

Your little Miss A is such a kindhearted daughter to make you a special cake in her little oven. Happy one day late birthday greetings. BTW .. I always thought you were 10 years younger than me :)