Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rummaging around in a fallen-down building

Now THAT's my idea of a good time.

A friend let me hunt through the last bits of what remained of a fallen-down garage that belonged to his grandparents and then his parents. He okayed everything I took, so I made sure I did not take anything he wanted.

He let me have all these old canning jars, storage jars and glass jugs!

A total of 13 quart canning jars ranging from beautiful old blue ones to repurposed mayonnaise jars, plus a blue pint; then a bunch more that were around a half gallon size, which work great for dry storage; and a square gallon jar with a huge lid opening that will make an awesome canister. Also two gallon jugs and a half gallon jug which I will be passing along to my father in law, who makes apple cider vinegar.

Then, there were a few odds and ends of old graniteware, rather beat up but I still love them:

I love how that red and white bucket took a pretty serious blow but is still ready to go to work. No holes.

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Becky said...

oohh, nice stuff.