Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PBS Frontline - Sick Around the World

In my evening class we have been studying who pays what for health care around the world, hoping to come up with the perfect solution to the health care crisis before the end of June. (Still working on it.) One of my assignments is to watch a PBS Frontline special that I'd like to share with you if you have not already seen it: Sick Around the World. It looks at health care systems in five capitalist democracies (so we're comparing apples to apples), seeing what is working and what isn't. Interesting stuff, believe it or not. And my final paper was about the effects of international adoption on family health care.

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Felisol said...

Some years earlier I would have suggested Norway as an example of where health care works fairly well.
After having fought for my mother having her lawfully nursing home treatment for a year,I abstain.
We were better 20 years ago than we are now, and that is so sad.
Nevertheless I find it right to not give up, but lift every stone and call every public instance. After all, that's what democracy is about, being allowed speaking one's cause and try changing malfunctions-