Saturday, June 02, 2012

Sewing a Ribbon Hem

I have a skirt that I bought ready-made that has an interesting hem treatment using a ribbon. I tried doing the same thing with a heavy cotton skirt I was making. Here's how it works

1. Mark your hem. On the wrong side/inside of the skirt, pin the ribbon along the marked hemline, wrong sides together. Edge stitch the ribbon to the skirt at the hemline, stitching the edge closest to the top of the skirt.
2. Trim the excess off the bottom of the skirt, close to the stitching, taking care not to cut the ribbon.

3. Turn the skirt right side out. Turn the ribbon up to the right side, making the fold line right at the edge of the ribbon. Press. (I actually had to do this from the inside, because my ribbon was a synthetic and wanted to melt at a temperature that was good for pressing my cotton skirt fabric.)

4. Edge stitch the unstitched edge of the ribbon all the way around. 

Here is the finished hem. If your fabric and ribbon have pretty much the same amount of body this should still hang okay for a casual skirt. And it's easy.


Mrs. Mac said...

Beautiful adornment!

Mother Owl said...

I like!