Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Cat Haiku #1

Nativity scene
in the window with a light
Cat thinks it's his bed.

Lambs roll to the sill
Shepherd gets knocked to the floor.
His crook snaps in two.

Cat stretched out inside
the stable. Now his chin rest
is Baby Jesus.


Bob said...

I have not laguhed so hard in two days.

Ro said...

Beckham is really cute and getting so big.

We put up a tree this year and decorated with angels and other religious ornaments. Hallmark had these cute little stuffed felt ornaments of nativity characters for kids. Because they weren't breakable, we put them on the bottom of the tree.

Every morning I found the lamb, Joseph and baby Jesus missing off the tree and in a different room of the house. Butters and Boswell must have been playing with them. Every morning I'd put the lamb and Joseph back on the tree but baby Jesus went missing. I'd put them back on the tree in different spots, but they had their favorites... the lamb and Joseph... would be the only ornaments taken off the tree every day.

Christmas Eve miracle? the baby Jesus was found and has remained on the tree ever since.