Monday, December 06, 2004

O.k., now, nobody expect too much of me, y'hear?

Thanks to Blogspot, I have this little corner of the Web to post... well, whatever. Let's start with an intro. I'm Maria, I am a medical transcriptionist by profession and an eBay seller because it's a lot more fun (though not as lucrative). I am in my 40s, married to a wonderful man named Barry; we are the parents of three. We have too many pets.

We are working on restoring our 1914 sort-of-bungalow-style house in New Albin, a tiny town at the very northeast corner of Iowa. (Two blocks north is Minnesota; about 6 blocks east is the Mississippi River, and beyond it, Wisconsin.) I work out of my home office and don't get out much. My children commute 12 miles each way to school in the next town to the south, Lansing. People around here drive a lot, and they drive FAST, and nobody even thinks twice about it, because things are pretty spread out.

This is the Mississippi Bluff Country and absolutely gorgeous! Hunters, birdwatchers, fisherpeople and snowmobilers are all very happy here. The state is putting in a bike trail along the river someday (it was supposed to open July 2004, but, well, it didn't). Everyone should come here for a visit. (And then go home again.)

More later. I'm not sure where I want to go with this, but if nobody reads it then I can say whatever I like and it won't matter, right? :o)


SMASH said...

"if nobody reads it"

Too late.

Welcome to the blogfamily!

Bob said...

I've been trying so hard not to get a blogger account!
Oh well.
I am a des moines blogger and was pointed this way via random mentality's Kris.
I not only know where your little town is, I've got family up there!

Anyway, welcome.

Maria Stahl said...

Hey, Stefanie! Who are you related to here? I mean, to whom are you related here? Since everyone is related to everyone else, I guess the answer is... everybody. :o)

NJ said...


Congrats on your new blog. I saw your "birth" announcement on Smash's site.

Just wondering... how did you become a medical transcriptionist?

David said...

Saw the link on Smash's site. I think I'll drop by every now nd then--the puppy post really grabbed me.

Interesting--I had a couple of conversations with clients about medical/dental transcriptionists this week. [heh]

NE Iowa... I can almost hear your voice (my wife's folks were from Iowa/southern MN).

Nice, sane spot on the web. Thx.

Bob said...

My relatives there are the Maus's. My mom's cousin is the mom. They look remarkably alike. But now I don't know if I spelled the name right. Denny lived with my family while he went to school in Cedar Rapids, and my little brother looks up to him like a big brother. They are a nice nice family.