Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pray for Snow

Well. After that horrible frozen December we had, now it's been warm and wet and sloppy for a good week... and most of our snow is GONE! This is a very bad thing, because my nephew from Georgia is coming for a visit later this month and he is absolutely counting on playing in the snow. I don't think mud was what he had in mind. He can see that at home.

Right now, in my yard, there are a few dirty piles of leftover snow (you can tell where the snowmen were because now there is what looks like a snow rabbit where one stood and just a glob of dirty snow where the other was). All around the dirty piles are - no, I'm not kidding - GREEN grass. Green. I know it's just leftover chlorophyll from last summer, but it looks very weird in January, let me tell ya!

Anyway, we are praying for snow for Nephew N's sake.

As my dad put it, "So much for nuclear winter."

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