Monday, October 09, 2006

Animal rescue organization needs your help urgently

Read the full story here. In brief, a no-kill shelter in the state of Washington was broken into over the weekend. The vandals opened the doors to all the cages, releasing about 50 rescued cats and kittens and many, many small animals like mice and gerbils. It looked like some of the little animals had been deliberately stepped on, while the cats had caught many more of them. The cats also hurt one another in the melee.

The vandals may have broken in with the thought of robbing the place, but apparently this looked like more fun, as they left all the money in the till when they left.

This is a volunteer run operation taking care of many abandoned animals, mostly cats but others too. They need help now more than usually. We are suckers for abandoned animals, as you well know if you read this blog, and we just sent some money by PayPal. Won't you please join us? Thank you!

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