Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some of my FAVORITES from YouTube

I was just paging through my Favorites list on YouTube and thought I'd share some of the goodies.

First, this just in from the BBC:

Next, some bored British SAS troops in the desert:

I don't know why I like this one, except that babies are cute, even baby sloths.

Next, I have a gazillion episodes of Stuart, but here is just one:

And finally, a classic from PeeWee's Playhouse: All the things you can do with a pair of giant underpants.


Mrs. Mac said...

We have to turn "Stuart" off when Mr. A enters the room, but when he's not around, boy do my girls make comparisons between Stuart and yours truly :)

Aaron said...

V, M, C, D and I did a little family film festival around the computer as we watched all of these. Thanks!

Our verdicts, in case you're interested. V and I loved Subtitles. Everyone but M was ready for Amarillo to be over way, way before it was over. MCD didn't seem to realize that Stuart is a little boy; I didn't bother trying to explain it very much. Family opinion: the sloth was cute.

Your bro.

Mrs. Mac said...

Every antic Mr. A said/did today, brought me back to "Stuart" ... I was laughing so hard (in the closet) at one point ... I swear he must have a direct link with the show's producers. You should have seen how "happy" my guy was today when his "pullup" had a "red car" for a design :) . Yippy! I think I may have even started calling him Stuart (behind his back ... under my breath)!