Saturday, October 07, 2006

Thrift shop finds

I actually got these a few weeks ago but forgot to blog them.

First is this cute wicker doll cradle. The bottom was busted out but that was an easy fix.

And then there is this doll carriage. One wheel was off, which was easy to put back on, and then the awning was gone, but the wire framework was still there, so I made a replacement.

That little feller in the cradle is not a thrift store find. He came off eBay, but he's also still available in the stores, I think. He's a little Berenguer. He's very cute.


Mrs. Mac said...

nice doll and furniture ... btw, what color of paint is on the wall in photo?

Northeast Iowa Mom said...

Depends on who you ask! Barry says it's some Craftsman color like Butternut Squash or some such. I keep telling him it's just Harvest Gold in a new incarnation. :o)