Saturday, July 28, 2007

More Fun with SiteMeter

A hit from earlier today came from someone searching, "Llamas for rent in IOWA."

I am perplexed.

Why would one wish to rent a llama? Are there tax advantages to renting one's llama, as opposed to buying outright? Or llama-lleasing?

Perhaps it's a try-before-you-buy sort of thing. You rent a nice llittle llama, see how things go, decide if you are a llama-friendly family and then you make your decision to go ahead and buy one. Or maybe you're attempting to choose between a llama and some other sort of pet, say, a wildebeest. You rent a llama for a month, then switch it out for a rental wildebeest, and then you decide which you prefer.

Or maybe it's a matter of transportation. We just went through a situation where our car was in the shop, and we got a loaner for a few days. Perhaps someone's camel is indisposed, and so she needs a lloaner llama for the duration.

But why is the IOWA significant? Perhaps this person is traveling. (Yes, lots of tourists come to Iowa every year, and not all of them by accident, either.) Perhaps this person is staying in Iowa and had to lleave his belloved llama at home with the llamasitter. Arriving at his destination, say, Mason City, he finds himself really missing his pet, so he does a quick Google search, finds a llama rental agency and voila, a llama is delivered to his motel room within the hour.

E2A: Mister Practicality, otherwise known as Barry, said flatly, "It's probably for some kid's birthday party." Booooorrrriiiinnnngggg. Although I can sort of see that. "Billy, are you SURE you won't just settle for a nice pony at your birthday party?" "NoooOOOOOooooo! I wanna LLAMAAAAAAA!" "Okay, sweetheart, just calm down, I'll try to find you one."

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Llama Mama said...

Haha I have to say I got a kick out of this entry. Thanks for the laugh. I actually found the site by searching for llamas, too!

Llama rental is really pretty common here in Iowa. There are several 4-H llama clubs in the state. Since many kids can't have their own llama, they can rent them from breeders to train and show for the summer & fall. The llama stays at the breeder's farm but the 4-H member is responsible for all training/grooming/showing ect. It's a pretty cool program!