Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pee-Wee Softball Season Ending

Little Miss A's game last night was once again against Brownsville, Minnesota. The pee-wee boys baseball team and the pee-wee girls softball team combined for a total of about 40 kids to play against Brownsville, which was barely able to field 9 players. It would have been depressing for the Brownsville kids, because ALL the kids play the field ALL the time, and thus it was wall-to-wall New Albin kids out there, except that none of ours can catch, so somehow the ball would find a gap between two kids, squeeze through, and roll out of the infield, allowing the Brownsville kids time to run the baseline. Then when the NA kids were up to bat, the poor little Brownsville kids stood out there for what seemed like HOURS as all 40 NA kids got to swing, and swing, and swing until they finally hit something, usually foul but who cares at that point, all the parents scream RUN!RUN!RUN! because as parents of pee-wee players we take what we can get.

Adding to the general confusion was that Brownsville and New Albin both have red as the team color, so what we saw was a crowd of about 50 little people in red shirts, running around chasing balls, or, as frequently was the case, talking to each other, building sand castles in the dirt, tossing their mitts into the air and generally just counting on the odds against the ball ever making it through the gauntlet of other little people dressed in red.

The neat thing about the pee-wee league is that the parents cheer for EVERYBODY. Doesn't matter what team. It doesn't last very long, but it's very sweet while it does.

She has one more game tonight, then the season is over. The Shooky Fink Little League Tournament wraps up the season.

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