Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue: "Keepin' It Till the Eagle Screams for Over 150 Years"

That's my suggested motto for the Wisconsin DOR. We always get money back from them, as Barry has to file a nonresident return, and we cannot have less withheld from his checks than we already do, for some unknown reason. So they get our money interest free for the whole year. Then they take forEVer to send our refund check. It didn't arrive till mid June last year, as I recall.

We eFile through our CPA every year, and they claim here that eFilers have their refunds processed within about a week. Yeah, right. I just checked and so far there is not even a record that we filed a return.

On the other hand, we nearly always owe federal income tax, and I mailed our check on 04/15/2008. It just cleared my bank today. So I got the interest on that money for another couple of weeks after it was due.

And finally, good old Iowa has a staggered due date for income tax, for which I could just kiss them. If you owe Iowa state income tax, it isn't due until the end of April. That gives you a few days to recover from paying your federal tax. There is probably a reason other than *being nice to taxpayers* for this, but whatever, it IS nice, and makes me feel a lot better about mailing off that second check.

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