Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Albin, what a great town to call home!

I have refrained from writing about our town's embarrassing financial crisis for several months now, but now that we are well on our way to a happy ending, I think I will link to two LaCrosse Tribune news stories that tell the public side of the tale. As the rest is either scuttlebutt or part of a criminal trial, or both, that's all I will say.

New Albin residents pitch in after budget snafu kills property tax

New Albin residents skip tax holiday; fundraiser patches budget

My thanks to staff writer Chris Hubbuch for covering this story both factually and with sensitivity.


Connie said...

Those are great articles, Maria. What a great town to pull together like that.

Mrs. Mac said...

Nice work ... everybody pulled together ... won't it be nice this winter to get the streets plowed??!!

I'm glad they mentioned the culprits name in the paper too .. a bit of a shame on her!